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OECD requirements

web picture (54)4Hazardous wastes should be managed in an environmentally sound manner through the UN-EP Basel Convention. More recently the OECD has, through its council Recommendation C92004)100 on June 9th. 2004 on the Environmental Sound Management (ESM) of waste, recommended that both recovery and disposal operations and both hazardous and non-hazardous waste should be Environmentally Soundly Managed.
The OECD recommendation on Environmentally Sound Management elaborates ESM as a combination of a set of “core performance elements” integrated into the Environmental Management System such as ISO 14000 or equivalent.
This addition to ISO 14000 Environmental Management System applies also to non-ferrous recycling industries processing post-consumer non-ferrous scrap.

As co-developers, we can assist you in upgrading your Environmental Management System to fulfil the OECD requirements by implementing the Core Performance Elements.